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5 Killer Andriod Apps To Make Your Phone Look Like An Iphone 7.
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1. iLauncher


ILauncher that sells for $ 2.56 is a unique android that perfectly emulates the iPhone’s default home screen. The soft, beautiful and elaborate launcher, whose actual size is 3.4 MB, requires android 2.3 or later to run. Aside from fully emulating the iOS home screen, the iPhone-style Android app also supports a variety of themes from various launchers, such as Go Launcher, New Launcher and Apex Launcher as dedicated icon packs.

2. iSettings


The iSettings style for iPhone for Android is an amazing Android configuration screen that resembles the iPhone Settings page. ISettings whose retail price is $ 0.99 and has a real size of 322kb requires Android version 2.1 or higher to run. Some of the iOS settings you can access using the application include GPS, Bluetooth settings, Wi-Fi settings, system settings, application settings, data settings, brightness, and more.

3. iLocker

The Android OS 9 application on the iLocker lock screen is a unique mobile program that allows users to lock their Smartphone screens with iPhone-based interfaces and security features. Users can easily slide to unlock their phones with unique sounds and animation, as well as set passwords or device pins for privacy and security. The camera lock screen function is also supported with the ability to easily change the wallpaper. Android 3.0 or later is required.

4. Espier Screen Locker 7 (alternative)

Espier Screen Locker 7

This free, simple and easy-to-use but beautiful iPhone app for Android, offers a unique style of iOS 7 to lock and unlock the screen of a Smartphone. A dedicated unlock slip feature is also offered, with the option of setting a device administrator password for maximum security. Espier Screen Locker 7 (Alternative) also allows you to display real-time notifications on the screen when gadgets are locked for easy interaction.

5. A.I. Type keyboard

A.I. Type keyboard

AI. Type Keyboard is an iPhone style Android text and emoji input application that looks like the default keyboard of the iPhone. It is considered to be the smartest and most personalized Smartphone keyboard for handheld devices with over 40 million users worldwide. Apart from allowing the user to write even better and much faster, A.I. Type Keyboard gives users the ability to customize and customize their keyboards as they choose. Premium users have additional features like text prediction, word correction, emoji, smart swiping and word completion. It is vital to understand that the premium features provided to free users will expire after 18 days of use.

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