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Etisalat, 9mobile Magic SIM 2018 Activatation Process

Now the Etisalat, 9mobile magic sim card is available, although it has been in existence for the last 6 months up to 1 year working perfectly well. Although there was a time when it had some problems, while we talked it has been corrected and it works [% 100].

So if you are looking for this SIM card, do not worry anymore and look no further, as we will provide you with all the available details and also how to obtain this magical SIM card.

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When talking about the best telecommunications in Nigeria, it is known that 9mobile is one of the best, notice that it was called Etisalat before it changed brand to 9mobile last year. As we said before, the 9mobile magic sim is working very well and is different in the sense that it will not crash soon because it does. It is not an open source and that is why we have hidden it so that it does not get blocked, with the magic simulation 9mobile you can use up to 200 GB in 7 days. “But you must also know that nothing lasts forever, the main point is to enjoy it while it lasts.”

How does the Etisalat, 9mobile magic SIM work?

  • It works using a proxy server. In other words, to make your connection work directly for all your applications and browsers, you may need to use a VPN on your phone.
  • The good thing is that you can use it on any mobile or desktop platform.
  • You will be taught how to set up your computer, phones, TV with Android and another Internet-enabled device to work with this.


  • Works very well on any wifi or router.
  • You can use it on any Android phone or Android TV box” You need to use a VPN as a finchVPN to work with all applications at the same time “.
  • Also, it works very well with a Windows computer, from XP to Win 10. You only need to configure your proxy connection in Windows.

What can the Etisalat, 9mobile Magic SIM Access?

Speed ​​is faster than lightning. There is no noticeable delay when using it to transmit high-quality videos. => Meanwhile, it is swift for downloading and streaming video than for normal browsing.

Etisalat, 9mobile magic SIM- Terms and conditions and applicable price

Whoever wants to buy this sim card of magic data is bound by the following ones;
  1. It implies risks in the sense that it can be blocked at any time.
  2. If you are not an active data user, it may not be for you.
  3. The price of N8,000 is not negotiable.
  4. To obtain yours, you can contact or by using our CONTACT FORM to receive an easy email.
  5. You need to buy a new 9mobile sim but not register it.
  6. Also, it should be recorded that this is not my only initiative.
  7. We will only help you with the configuration after the most important activation has been made.
  8. The trick / modification can only be used on SIM cards that start with 0908 ******, 0909 *****, 0818 *****, 0817 *****, 0809 ***** and The sim number chosen must be unregistered.
  9. Before you can buy this, you must have a basic knowledge of how to enter characters in the mobile/cellular configuration of your phone.


  1. First, you must send us an email to or using our CONTACT FORM to receive an easy email. Requesting payment details to pay the sum of N8,000 only.
  2. After payment, attach proof of payment by mail and obtain a new unregistered symmetric SIM card and send the number code + PUK altogether by mail. “Note” Do not insert the sim into a phone or touch it until we have asked it to do so! all we need is the SIM number + the PUK code.
  3. After confirmation, we will process your sim activation (between 12 hours). Once it has been activated correctly, we will respond with the same email you used when you request it and we will also send you the settings to use on your smartphone/device. That is all. IMPORTANT:
  4. After we have successfully activated your 9mobile magic sim, there is no refund for money back, do not forget that it will be used while it lasts.

However, if you have any problems, ask questions kindly using the comment box or our “Contact Form“. Share this post with your friends using any of the share buttons below, so they can also enjoy the Etisalat, 9mobile magic sim

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