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Latest: Download Google Play Store 8.7.50 APK Update
Google’s operating system is so premium that it sets the standards for everyone else. The only other company that can compete with Google when it comes to mobile apps is iOS, but Apple is in a completely different league. The reason why Google software is so respected is that Android parents love the constant updates that continue to improve their operating system.

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Android apps

There are many applications and features that make Google’s latest Android Oreo operating system premium, but nothing would be possible without the official Play Store. The most important thing that the operating system of Google offers is the possibility of using thousands of applications designed to make life easier and all these applications are available in the Play Store.

Google Play Store 8.7.50 APK update

Seeing how everything revolves around the PlayStore, no one should be surprised to discover that Google concentrates most of its attention on it. PlayStore is updated weekly because there is no room for errors when it comes to applications. Let’s say, for example, the malfunction of PlayStore and some malicious applications manage to appear on the list. As a result, thousands of Android fans will be affected.

Android fans who love using the Play Store should be happy to know that a new APK is available. The update has the version number “8.7.50” and introduces a lot of software changes that improve the general capabilities of Play Store.

We must also mention that this new update contains a couple of bug fixes that take care of the problems that annoy Android users. Therefore, Android users who want to make sure their smartphone always gets the latest applications should make sure to update the Play Store as soon as possible.

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