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How To Perform Screen Recording On MacOS
A screen recording serves many purposes. One of the most popular, in the IT world, is to help show end users how to do a specific task. After all, if a photo is worth a thousand words, imagine how much a video is worth, especially adjusted for inflation.

For some operating systems, creating easy screen recordings involves installing third-party software. In some situations, you will also have to add necessary codecs and libraries, which will make the process a headache. If you are a MacOS user, you may not know this, but the ability to create accessible screenshot videos is not only built-in, it incredibly easy.

The app used for this, believe it or not, is QuickTime Player. That’s right, the default video player for macOS has more tricks up its sleeve than just playing videos. One of those tricks is to burn your desktop. How do you do this? Simple. Open the QuickTime player and then click File | New screen recording A small window will appear. Click on the Record button and then, when prompted, click on the screen (to record the entire screen) or drag on the screen to select where you want to record. Record your actions and then, when finished, click on the small square in the circle that appears on the top bar to stop recording. QuickTime will open so you can watch your recording. If it’s good to go, click on “File | Export” and choose the resolution for the video. Give the video a name, choose the location to house the file and click Save.

That’s all about it. Now you have a practical recording screen of your desktop macOS.

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