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How To Turn-Off Safe Mode On Android Phone
You may find that your Android device has entered safe mode without its meaning. This may be due to repeated application crashes or simply accidentally pressing the combination of buttons that activate it, and it may be hard to turn off safe mode.

This tutorial will introduce you on how to get rid of safe mode on your Android.

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  1. Simple restart of your device

Sometimes, a simple restart of your Android smartphone will cause it to return to Normal mode.

2. Forced restart of your smartphone

If the classic restart is not successful, try to perform a forced restart. Start by turning off your phone, then turn it on again while pressing the power buttons + </ bold> Volume – </ bold> simultaneously.

If the option is made available, you can also try to remove the battery, wait approximately 10 seconds and then replace the battery.

3. Uninstalling an application

If the tips above have not worked, the problem may be because you recently downloaded a faulty program. 

Locate the recently downloaded applications and uninstall them.
  • Restart your device, which should now be out of safe mode.
  • Restoring the factory settings of Android devices

If the above solutions don’t work, then you must restore your phone to its factory settings. This means that all your settings and data will be lost, so this option is a last resort. You should also consider backing up all the information you want to keep before continuing.

The first way to do it is through the Settings menu. Go to Settings> Save and Restore> Restore> Restore Now.

The second way is through the recovery mode. This will be useful if you can not access its configuration because it is stuck in safe mode. To know how to do it, visit our Frequently Asked Questions on the subject.

How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Android

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