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xinput1_3.dll Errors - How to fix

Any modern game uses a large set of files that are usually set during installation. Almost all of them are dynamic libraries (.dll), each of which performs its small function. However, sometimes the file can be damaged or installed incorrectly or lost, then errors appear and the application cannot be started.

Most of the time, the dll is damaged or removed by viruses or blocked by antivirus on your computer. The first case is vastly spread among those who download torrent games. Most of them are deciphered and a part of the libraries in its structure has content, in addition to the original ones. 

Therefore, the antivirus defines them as malware and does not allow to operate. 

However, below you can find the options to repair the xinput1_3.dll missing problem.

Brief information about the xinput1_3.dll file

xinput1_3.dll Errors - How to fix
It is the interface driver of the DirectX package. Its main function is the execution of audio effects and graphics. At the same time, it uses unique identifiers (GUID). Also participates in:
  • data processing acquired from keyboard, mouse, gamepad;
  • processing a sound from a source.
As you can see, the xinput1_3.dll error can bring many problems when it is carried out. Without the original file correctly recognized on your PC, most games will not be able to function normally. 

Usually, there are difficulties with launching games like Fallout and Dead Island.

Repair the problem guide

The first option is about manually establishing the dll file. Follow the instructions below:
  • Download the xinput1_3.dll file from the accredited site.
  • Make sure you have extracted the file from the file (if it was downloaded as a file).
  • Make sure you know the operating system version. It is essential for this step since this defines the destination folder for the file. Enter My Computer – Properties and there you will see the operating system version – it can be x32 or x64. If it is x32, paste the library into the folder: C: \ Windows \ System32. If it is x64, this is the correct destination folder: C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64.
  • Open the game folder or application that can not be started and hit the library.
  • Also, we register this component in the system. Open the command line by pressing Win + R and enter the command: regsvr32 xinput1_3.dll. This will lead to the library registration
  • Now you can restart the computer.

In case you have managed to follow the instructions correctly, you will see that the problem was solved.

One more option to solve the problem of xinput1_3.dll

If you want to use the option that requires more time but needs less action to perform, then you need to download and install the new version of DirectX from the official Microsoft website and install it.
After installation and restart, the problem will be solved; however, the installation may take 5 to 10 minutes.

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