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Keyboard For Galaxy S9: How To Use AR Emoji Keyboard On Samsung S9
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Apple and Samsung have been exchanging punches for years. Every time one introduces a new feature in their smartphone line, the other responds quickly. It should not be surprising, then, that after Apple introduced “Animoji” (animated emoji that could reproduce the movements of a user’s face), Samsung responded with a similar feature called “AR Emoji.” Developed to work with the upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, the feature offers users the ability to create digital versions of cartoons of themselves that they can then animate using their phone’s camera. Although the results are not always stellar, it is a feature with a lot of potential for fun. 

So how exactly does it work?

How To Use AR Emoji Keyboard On Samsung S9.

Step 1: Start the camera application and make sure you are using the front camera. If you’re not, just touch the camera’s switch icon.

Step 2: At the top of the screen there are a lot of options: slide to or touch AR Emoji keyboard.

Step 3: Touch the face symbol at the bottom of the screen, followed by Create Emoji keyboard.

Step 4: Center your head in the viewfinder. Then, take off your glasses if you are using any, make sure you do not have hairs that block your face and smile with your lips closed.

Step 5: the application will then ask if it is male or female. After responding, you will create your AR avatar and allow you to make a variety of adjustments. Among other things, you can choose between two different face styles, adjust your skin or hair color, add glasses and select one of several sets. When finished, you will see your newly minted emoji under the viewfinder in the Camera app.

Now that you have successfully created an Emoji AR, how do you use it? In the Samsung message application, touch the Label button. Your phone will have already used your Emoji AR to create GIF files that express a variety of emotions: simply touch one to place it in a text.

You can also go to the Camera app and press AR Emoji keyboard, then create images or videos. The emoji should imitate any facial expression that you face in front of your camera. If you find that the animated version of yourself is too strange, you can always opt for one of the various cartoon characters that Samsung includes by default.

The company also announced that it is partnering with Disney to create AR Emoji keyboard versions of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and several characters from The Incredibles. Now, let’s hope Samsung brings beloved characters from the Marvel movie universe to the fold at some point.

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