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How to Backup Contacts to Gmail on Android

    Google contacts backup from an Android phone is very common nowadays. In a modern society people communicate a lot, continuously get new acquaintances. The contact lists are regularly updated with phone numbers, addresses, birthdays and other necessary information about new friends.

    Until very recently, we used paper notebooks and simple notebooks to store any of the numbers we have. But with time, everything changes. However, the electronic way of storing contacts can also fail. If you want to keep your contacts, so they never lose, then it is better to use a Google account. Therefore, the synchronization of contacts of the Android phone with Google Gmail will work without problems.

    Contacts Backup to Gmail

    How to Backup Contacts to Gmail on Android

    Register your account first and attach your Android to it. Only registered Google users can access all Android features. By itself, the synchronization of Android phone contacts with Google Gmail is necessary so you can use your contacts on any Android device. It does not matter if you lose your Android phone, or buy something new. After contacts backup into the Gmail account, the contact list will always remain with you. All your friends’ data will be saved not only on your mobile device but also on Google servers, directly in your account. To access your contacts on the new phone, you only need to sign in to your Google account.

    How do I set up sync contacts with my Google account?

    Gmail account settings

    Gmail account settings

    You must enter the “Settings” menu and select “Accounts and synchronization.”
    • Add an account
    • At the bottom of the screen, click on “Add account.”
    • Add a Google account
    • Add an account

    If you already have an account, add an existing one, if not, start a new account.


    We enter username and password, and we already have an account to synchronize contacts.


    • go to “Contacts” on the phone.
    • Import/export contacts
    • call the menu and press “import/export”
    • contacts to synchronize

    Choose where to get contacts for synchronization. In our cases, this phone and click “Next.”
    • A place for synchronization
    • Choose where to synchronize contacts, the Google profile.
    • Contacts to synchronize

    Mark the connections that will be copied to Google and click on the “Copy” icon in the lower right corner. The process goes unnoticed, or rather is shown by the copy icon in the upper-status bar, so do not repeatedly click to avoid duplication of contacts.

    My contacts list on google

    My contacts list on google

    After 1 to 5 minutes, you can go to Google contacts ( and edit the list. Now everything is ready, and you can be sure that you will never lose another person’s data. You can edit the contact information of your computer, laptop, phone or tablet. All you need to do is log in to Google. After making the changes, the data is synchronized on any of the devices.

    In contacts, you can attach photos, record several phone numbers. The contacts can be divided into groups. In general, contacts can be described in great detail: you can specify an organization, a phonetic name, an email, an address, a site, all kinds of events (for example, birthdays) and relationships.

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