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Download Latest SwiftKey APK V7.0.0.16

Modern communication has evolved far beyond the written word, and the programs we use to help us keep in touch has been running to keep up. Last month we reviewed the latest beta version of swiftkey apk, updating the keyboard software not only with a new interface based on the toolbar that makes text with your favourite emoji and GIFs easier than before but also presents a new custom system of Stickers. After the beta aroused our appetite, the new features are finally ready to be expanded, with the release of SwiftKey apk 7.0.

As mentioned, the great news with this update is the SwiftKey apk toolbar, which begins its life as a small discrete sign hidden next to the word suggestions. Give + touch and the toolbar appears in full screen, giving users quick access to your clipboard, settings, themes and there is no shortage of illustrations to bring your messages to life.

In addition to the regular list of emoji and GIF with search, we also see the arrival of Stickers, a flexible way to add images and text to conversations. You can start by downloading a pack of Stickers, with the currently available options, which include unicorns, memes and a large number of cats. Some stickers can be augmented with custom text overlays, and favourites can be saved in the Collections section of the toolbar, for quick access later.

If none of the available sticker packages is to your liking, you are not in luck, since you can also create custom stickers directly from the Collections tab; simply select any image on your phone to start, and add the custom text of your choice, and save it for later.

Now, we must admit that not all smartphone users will be jumping for joy at the thought of filling messages with lots of colourful stickers, but SwiftKey apk also pokes fun at some more useful features that will land shortly. Soon you can share calendar appointments and users of EE. UU And India will be able to share the location data of your phone. We also see that all the language support “Lish” of the latest beta version makes its way into the stable version.

Take a look at the new SwiftKey apk 7.0 and turn the toolbar interface. Do you love the new design or do you prefer the old Hub design? Let us know in the comments.

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