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It’s okay; an intelligent mirror. It is a mirror. This meant that taking pictures for this review was a challenge because obviously, it is quite reflective, but we are talking about an elegant block of glass that you mount on a stand or hang on a wall. It is also splash proof if you want to use it in the bathroom or kitchen.
However, come closer, touch it or even talk to it, like “Hey Google”, and it’s an Android tablet with all the functions and a high definition screen of 23 “and 1920×1080.

Embrace Smart Mirror Review

Embrace Smart Mirror Looks, Specs And Price
The tablet is embedded inside the mirror and is completely invisible when in mirror mode. Wake up the tablet and have a familiar Android interface, although in 2015 it is Android 6.0.1 also known as Marshmallow. However, you can use the built-in camera, microphone, speakers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and USB to do what you would normally do on Android. Surf the web, manage photos, play games, remotely on a server if you want even to compose a complete revision in Google Docs if you can handle typing on a vertical screen for an extended period.

The Embrace smart mirror is as its name suggests; It is an Android tablet, and it is a mirror.

Although a newer version of Android would be nice, Android 6.0.1 is still very functional and I guess that the hardware specifications, and therefore the production of heat and the price, relax a bit with the old Android. I did not experience any noticeable barrier using it.
The unit does not contain a battery, although Android reports that it is fully charged. When pulling the current, it shuts down completely, immediately.

Instead of the Android physical buttons, the start and back buttons are soft buttons that float on top of the Android screen. You can easily drag them even if they are never completely out of the way.

They also expand to offer a range of specific controls for the embrace smart mirror, which includes volume increase and decrease, rest and power options and other configurations. Here you can set the tablet to fall asleep after a defined period and to activate or touch.

You also have full use of the Google Assistant, which means you do not have to touch the tablet/mirror. “Ok Google, play music” or “Ok Google, open Gmail” and everything you hope to do on your Android smartphone works well here. The first time you run a command, you may be asked to choose an application to complete the command, but once you set up your music and video player and other default applications, everything is fine from there.

I had difficulty getting Google to respond to “Ok Google consistently.” Originally I thought the microphone might be weak, but if I touched the microphone icon in the Google search bar and manually pulled out the assistant, everything I said was transcribed quickly and clearly on the screen. I do not know why I had difficulties here, but when it worked, it was like Star Trek things, barking orders on a screen on the wall. The speakers were loud and vibrant.

Embrace Smart Mirror Specs

Embrace Smart Mirror Looks, Specs And Price

Specifically, the Embrace smart mirror has a quad-core PowerVR GPU, 2Gb DDR3 RAM, 16Gb EMMC storage, 23.6 “1080P IPS LCD screen, 10-point touch screen, 8Mbp camera, 3w stereo speaker, 802.11 a/b/g/ndb Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0, IP65 splash-resistant, and consumes less than 3w of power in standby mode and less than 36w while it is on.

The mirror itself is 800x600x27mm and weighs 12kg. It comes with a desk stand and a wall mount. Be careful with the support; You have to screw it from below and, although you have four soft pads to put under the stand, I found that the screws still scratched my table, to my wife’s dismay, and I had to place a small carpet under it for added security.

Now, as it is a complete Android device, you can log in to all your usual Google services, run all your usual applications and even use Google Home to control all your smart devices.

Wake up, brush your teeth and tell Google to turn off the lights and air conditioners. Or, if you feel like it, use the mirror to make sure it looks as good as possible and take a picture at that time, posting it on Instagram with the hashtag WokeUpThisWay, as it seems to be the right thing to do.

Embrace, the company behind this device, has worked on it since 2014 and said it is a group of geeks who love technology, particularly the technology that makes life more.

It’s interesting to think that the concept of wall-controlled voice-controlled panels has been a science-fiction subject for decades, but I find it hard to think of any competitive, intelligent mirror in the market. It is certainly new, but it is an elegant and attractive mirror and the company has done the right thing by backing it with a full Android device, open and without restrictions. It is not limited by a closed environment and can do with it what your mind can imagine, as long as it can be done in Android 6.0.1.

Embrace Smart Mirror Price

It’s pretty impressive, and you can have one yourself from Embrace. The PVP is $ 1,699, but for a limited time, the product is for sale for $ 1,374. This price places it outside the “impulse purchase” range, but as we move towards a world of home automation, the possible uses of the device increase. You could manage your security cameras, for example, although surely even Dr. Spock probably used the panels of the Starship Enterprise to catch up with Netflix while flossing, and so do you.

It was not so easy to take pictures of the mirror, but Embrace has an official video that shows it very well.

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