Monday, 5 March 2018

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Get Free Domain for Blogger

Hi bloggers, here today, I'm going to show you something different.

I'm going to show you the complete guide to get free domain for blogger. You'll also learn vividly how to add custom domain to blogger. This tutorial will enable you to learn how to get a blogger free custom domain name.

Blogging without a custom domain name is one awkward moment of your entire blogging career and I guess you don't want to remain in the woods.

What is a Custom Domain Name?

A custom domain name is an extended or additional customized name e.g. .com, .org,  .net,  .xyz,  .tk,  .ng, e.t.c. These are examples of popular domain name extensions. Google tend to rank blogs with a custom domain name differently from blogspot domains. So it is advisable to get a domain name for your blog.

However, someone newbies cannot afford it to get a paid domain name for their blogs so the option still favors you as I'll be showing you how to get free domain name for your blog.

How to Get Free Domain Name For Blogger Blog.

  1. Firstly, create a free blogger blog. If you've already created one ,please skip this step. 
  2. Visit your blog and click on settings. This should show the "Basic" settings tab. 
  3. Then Navigate to "Setup custom domain name" and type in "www.your desired and then click "save" button .
  4. After you click the save button, this should bring some key settings for you. 

Now its time to register and get a free domain for your blog. 

  1. Visit
  2. Register an account there and then register a free .tk domain name. 
  3. Please visit this link to know how to add your new domain name to blogger. 
If you'd follow the procedures listed on that link on how to custom free domain name for blogger, you'd be thankful by now. 

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